ARCHIVE — Why the Denver Broncos Will Win Super Bowl 50

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The Denver Broncos have just gone through a season that saw them start Brock Osweiler multiple times. This is notable because Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and got injured, then lost his starting job and sat on the bench for a partial game.

They’re still going to a super bowl, and Peyton is going to go down with the majority of this season ignored.

This is strange, no? If Tom Brady was performing like Peyton Manning was, and ended up being benched like Manning was mid-year, then the headlines about the pressure heading out of the season into the 50th Super Bowl would be non-stop. Here’s why I’m convinced of that. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady may be similar, but the press is eager to promote one more than the other.

Like mentioned, and pretty obviously, Peyton Manning is extremely comparable to Tom Brady. They’re both in their late thirties, they’re both legends in the game, and they both bring massive spotlight to the NFL. This spotlight includes ratings, increased merchandise sales, and headlines well into the future.

But look at the press “deflate-gate” got last year, which proves Brady is a target by many- and whether the mass of writers knows it, this affects the way the public perceives him. This instantly separates him from Manning, who’s “good guy” image is so strong, even HGH claims can’t phase it.

So, regardless of what the major networks think, there is next to no pressure on Manning heading into CBS Sports’ big telecast, compared with what the Super Bowl 49-winning Brady would feel. He’s had a great career that’s ending in a dream way, he’s got a fantastic defense for he first time in a long time, and the media is hyping him up. This is literally the way most superstars, and likely Peyton as well, would want to go out.

Enter Cam Newton.

Newton is twenty-six, and entering the height of his prime. He had the best season of any quarterback in 2016. He “dabbed” his way to the top. So why is the pressure on him now?

Well, he doesn’t really have the “good guy” image that Manning does. Imagine watching the end of the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning wins. Most would admit they’d feel extremely happy for him, and those who wouldn’t would be bullied into a corner by social media replies (Isn’t Social Media swell?).

Now imagine Cam winning. There will be accusations of missed flags, criticism of celebration to the point where the public will tweet “That’s a taunt,” and assuredly this statement. “Cam Newton should’ve let Peyton Manning have his perfect ending.”

It won’t make sense, and it will happen. Cam Newton is going to see headlines more than Manning is; as he’s less experienced with avoiding them. Headlines will turn into pressure, and Newton has never been this good at playing football with all this pressure. In fact, there’s already a massive blunder on Newton’s part. Encouraging race into the discussion.

Have you noticed something? Imagine an elite quarterback in 2016. One would likely imagine physicality, mobility, arm strength, speed, passing ability, running ability, and other attributes that directly impact statistics. I’ve never heard anyone worth holding a pen mention “This quarterback is this ethnicity, so he’s better.” Ever. Now CBS’ main broadcast crews will mention this multiple times throughout the lead-up to the broadcast, and add even more pressure to Newton.

Can Newton handle intense pressure? The numbers in the regular season say no. Losing to the Atlanta Falcons and losing the unbeaten season is heartbreaking, but heartless statistics say that was an easy match-up- the Falcons were a .500 team.

Statistics say there is a simple reason to pick the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50. Look back to last week. Tom Brady, the best 2015/16 quarterback aside from Newton, was shut down by Denver’s defence.

Sure, the offensive line didn’t help him in the slightest, but Brady had three premier targets that were all shut down. Rob Gronkowski didn’t seem open nearly as much as usual in that offence, Julian Edelman was shut down, and Danny Amendola was again reduced to a role which saw him not be a useful chess piece, but actually personal foul unnecessarily in the divisional final.

To put it simply, Cam Newton doesn’t have those weapons to begin with, and definitely can’t make something out of nothing like Tom Brady can. (Joey Iosefa and James White, anyone?) Newton has his three weapons, sure, but they can all be put to rest by Denver’s defence fairly easily.

Remember the gradually increasing tension for Newton that was mentioned earlier? Now let’s put him and his teammates in front of the defensive unit that pressured Tom Brady to a loss.

Jonathan Stewart hasn’t really shown he can be spectacular any given week this year, and now is in a role that brought Steven Jackson no success in a Belichick offence. He’s likely going to be shut down all of the game by the defence.

Ted Ginn is awfully inconsistent for a wide receiver that’s heavily relied on, no? In weeks 8–10, Ginn had 6, 2, and 4.5 fantasy points. That’s three straight weeks where the Panthers’ number one wide receiver was lackluster.

Shut those two down, and the Denver defense is down to managing one player (Greg Olsen) at a position where the best (Rob Gronkowski) was having trouble most of the championship game.

One more statistic. When Tom Brady had Julian Edelman in the 2015/16 regular season, he didn’t lose a game. Oh yeah, Denver’s defence is real.

Peyton controls his own legacy after that, and his passion is still there. He ran for a first down in the championship game- that proves he can still do whatever it takes. He should have time to generate two touchdowns throughout the game, and that very well could be enough. The money may be on Carolina, but I wouldn’t be confident in that at all- even if Cam Newton’s public image is confidence.



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