Nintendo Switch: The Good and The Bad

Let’s look at six good things and six not-so-good things about the new console.

Disclaimer: This post was written before the release of Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has intrigued me since it was unveiled in November, but not really for the reasons a lot of others have noted.

I personally don’t really care about the portability unless Nintendo includes historically portable franchises come to the console. I’d be much more likely to take the tablet on the road if a new Animal Crossing or Pokemon installment was released for it. I believe it’s also worth mentioning that it’s difficult to imagine those series continually evolving without the second screen of the DS and 3DS.

I also don’t really look forward to the returning motion controls, although it will be interesting to see whether the whole ice-water-depth in motion controls is as new as it sounds.

Let’s talk about five things I’m looking forward to, and five things I could see going wrong.

The Good #1- New IP’s

The Bad #1- Full Priced Remasters

The Good #2- Super Mario Odyssey

The Bad #2- Old IP’s remain Ignored or Misused

Let’s look at the other companies involved with the Switch. SEGA hasn’t announced anything relating to Super Monkey Ball, Samba De Amigo, or really anything other than Sonic. Namco-Bandai ignores their mascot in 3D entirely on the idea that the games don’t sell, even though the last two times they’ve tried, it was based on a TV show that no one seems to like. Finally, can you imagine a brand new 3D or 2D platformer starring Mega Man?

The Good #3- Account System

The Bad #3- No Multimedia Options

The Good #4- Cartridges, not Download-discs

The Bad #4- Price of the Controllers

The Good #5- Strong Launch Year

The Bad #5- Lack of Anticipated Announcements and 1–2 Switch

The Good #6 (NEW)- Indies and Exclusive Rights to Runner 3

The Bad #6 (NEW)- Reports of Mediocre Build Quality and Sync Issues

The Conclusion